Inground Swimming Pool Repair & Pool Refinishing

Inground Pool Refinishing and Pool Repair in Buffalo, NY

Here’s what to expect, from start to finish, when we refinish your pool:

Step 1 -Your swimming pool is drained.

Step 2 - We begin the prep work by removing or undercutting waterline tile. We’ll clean the tile and chip out old plaster and hollow spots.

Step 3 - Next we apply what’s known as a bonding agent. This is what helps the new plaster stick to the existing pool surface.

Step 4 - If applicable, new tile and equipment is installed.

Step 5 - Here we apply plaster or pebble finish. Your chosen finish will be mixed on site and hand troweled. Note that plaster pools will be filled immediately. Pebble finishes are acid washed one to two days later and then filled.

Step 6 - When your pool is completely filled, our representative will come out and do a thorough walk through, go over pool care for your new finish and collect final payment.

Step 7 - Now you’re ready to enjoy your new pool!

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