Guide to Selecting your Pool Finishes

Today’s pool and spa owners have many reliable and beautiful swimming pool finish options available to them. From the straight forward simplicity of standard white plaster to the rainbow of multi-colored pebble & stone finishes, the choices can be exciting. But the selection process can also be somewhat daunting without reliable information.

The experts at Leisure Craft Pools are here to assist you.

White Plaster Pool Finish


The combination of white cement, white marble aggregate, and water make for an economical choice that will give you that classic swimming pool look. When selecting a standard white plaster it is critical to be fully aware that it is a relatively soft finish compared to other pool surface options and one that is more susceptible to the effects of water chemistry than some newer innovative products we offer.




Altima Pool Finishing


The Altima® finish is a definite improvement to a standard plaster surface. It contains a premium combination of bright white quartz sand, quality marble sand, and the patented Pebble Edge® Admixture. This finish provides an advantage in durability over standard plaster finishes.





LUNA® QUARTZ FINISHLuna Quartz Pool Finish Services

The combination of white cement, 100% quartz and water make for a very durable finish. 100% quartz finishes offer a broad range of colors, from vivid blues to more subtle colors such as green and grey. It also has the advantage of creating a much more durable surface than standard plaster, one that is harder and far more resistant to fluctuating chemical conditions. For the traditional white swimming pool surface, there is no better solution than 100% quartz.




Satin Matrix Pool Finishing


One of the most popular pebble product lines due to its durability and beauty. The combination of small pebbles, high-quality pigments, and Pebble Edge® Admixture are blended to stringent specifications for a long lasting pool finish. Pebble Edge® produces a stronger bond to the pebble and fills in the voids that contribute to the premature breakdown of standard cement. Choose from one of sixteen elegant pebble color combinations for your pool surface.




PRISM MATRIX®Prism Matrix Pool Finishes

Prism Matrix® pool finish achieves a balance between natural and manmade components, strength and beauty, style and function. It is a blend of our smaller pebbles that are well known for their roundness. In the Prism Matrix® product line, beautiful reflective glass beads are added to the mix design. The glass beads accentuate the naturally smooth and round pebbles. Prism Matrix® is the ultimate choice for those that want to add an artistic feel to the pool surface.




PRIMERA® STONE FINISHPrimera Stone Pool Finish

This ultra-premium pool finish combines the durability and natural look of a pebble pool with the smoothness of a polished surface. Primera Stone® Signature Series is a hard and durable finish with a luxurious feel like no other pool finish.





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