In-Ground Pool Decking


A wide variety of options are available to you when selecting the decking for your pool. Some of the biggest trends in outdoor design today are Kool Deck®, exposed aggregates, decorative, and stamped concrete. Today’s in-ground pool decking options have opened the doors to create an outdoor environment that complements the exterior of the home and blends your pool with the outdoor environment.

Kool Deck®

Inground Pool Deck Lancaster, NY

A beautiful alternative for the surface of swimming pool decks. Once applied it generates a colored, textured cement surface that is as strong as the base concrete and significantly lowers the surface temperature of concrete. Kool Deck® can be added to any existing or new pool deck. Leisure Craft Pools is the only certified installer for Kool Deck®, in New York State.

Exposed Aggregate

Pool Deck Options Syracuse, NY

Concrete slabs with exposed aggregate finishes are becoming increasingly popular for swimming pool decks. The surface is rugged, non-skid, and resistant to heavy traffic and weather extremes. Many types and sizes of decorative aggregate are available to achieve unlimited color and texture variations.



Decorative & Stamped Concrete

Inground Pool Decking Rochester, NY

An ideal pool deck surface, combining the attributes of beauty, durability and low maintenance. Stamped concrete pool decks give you a vast array of decorative options not possible with other pool deck materials. When properly sealed, stamped concrete will also resist harsh pool chemicals, constant water exposure, and fading.


Colored Concrete

Buffalo, NY Pool Decking

The coloring is another alternative to beautify a concrete pool deck. With many shades to choose from, coloring your concrete allows you to pick a hue that will best complement your home, landscape or other elements in the vicinity of the pool, giving it more distinction, and make the deck blend in with its surroundings.