Leak Detection Services

What Causes An In-ground Swimming Pool Leak?

leak detectionSwimming pool leaks are common with in-ground pools made with tiles, cement, liner, gunite, quartz, and more. The cause behind swimming pool leaks is usually from:


Corrosion or common movements in the ground have the tendency to damage the underground plumbing and possibly include puncturing the floor of the pool.

Broken Pipes

Pool return pipes that are settled in the ground at different rates where the return intersects with the pool wall, more often than not, get a leak. The main drain, which is typically a challenging spot to detect a leak without the equipment and training required along with it being cautioned against draining a pool, can leak through the suction pipe connected to them. Also, if the hydrostatic relief valve on the main drain fails due to rock obstructing the valve closing or rust can develop a leak.

When it comes to the under part of the pool skimmer pipe connection, it proves to be difficult to even get to as they are usually wrapped in concrete from all sides making it almost impossible to find a leak without a professional and the high-tech equipment required.

With older swimming pools, the equalizer line, which is a non-pressurized pipe that comes from the main drain to the under part of the skimmer, is mostly the reason behind leaks because it's often looked over during extensive renovations.

What Needs To Be Done To Get A Swimming Pool Leak Fixed?

The first thing to do is to call a leak detection company in order to perform leak detection services on the swimming pool. We at Leisure Craft Pools, with being in business since 1972, make sure that we exceed expectations when it comes to attending to swimming pool leaks and other issues to restore the pool and make it brand new again.

Our team of professionals follow a specific step-by-step process when repairing and refinishing a pool, starting with draining the swimming pool, undercutting waterline tiles then removing any hollow spots and old plaster, plus more.

Find out more about Leisure Craft Pools and let us fix all your pool problems.

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