If you notice flaking, cracks in the pool, discolored plaster, rust stains or wearing off fiberglass, it's time for pool resurfacing. Pool resurfacing can help you restore the original finish and improve the look of your swimming pool while helping increase its longevity.

Steps In Pool Resurfacing

Many homeowners are skeptical about the whole resurfacing process and the duration of this massive project. So, here are some steps included in a pool resurfacing project to help you get an idea of what you're getting into:

Step 1: Assessing the Pool                                                     Pool Resurfacing in Rochester, NY

One of our skilled experts will identify and determine the issues that need to be fixed. Any leaks, faulty electrical equipment and lights and other accessories are thoroughly checked to determine the course of action and plan the process.

Step 2: Preparation and Pool Draining

We completely drain your pool and prepare it for resurfacing. We begin working on your pool by removing old and broken tiles, waterproofing the surface and filling any gaps or holes. The scope of work is determined according to the level of repairs and fixes your pool needs.

Step 3: Installing New Tiles and Resurfacing Decking

Our skilled craftsmen install new tiles and complete the grouting process. If new decking is required, we install fresh material and complete any other minor repairs or installations required.

Step 4: Applying Interior Surface

Our team skillfully applies the interior surface and cuts around the light niches, fittings and main drains. We ensure that the texture and surface are uniform in your pool's surface.

Step 5: Surface Finish

Once our team is satisfied with the resurfacing, we apply the final surface finish that instantly brings your pool to life and gives it a refreshed look.

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