Inground Pool Renovation in Ellicottville, NY

If you are located in Ellicottville, NY or its surrounding areas, then feel free to give Leisure Craft a call today! At Leisure Craft, we make sure to develop a detailed plan to get our customers the most detail oriented, effective, and yielding results. So, how does it work?

How We Do It

Renovating a pool properly requires a lot of attention to detail and knowledge in order to be done carefully. Here our the steps we take to ensure to smoothest renovation:Inground Pool Renovations Ellicottville, NY


Step 1 -We will drain your swimming pool..

Step 2 - Next, we will begin the prep work by removing or undercutting the waterline tile. Ww will also clean the tiles and chip out old plaster and hollow spots.
Step 3 - After that we apply a bonding agent, which will help the new plaster stick to the existing pool surface.

Step 4 - If applicable, new tile and equipment are installed.
Step 5 - Your chosen finish will be mixed on-site and hand troweled. Note that plaster pools will be filled immediately. Pebble finishes are acid washed one to two days later and then filled.
Step 6 - When your pool is completely filled, our representative will come out and do a thorough walk

through, go over pool care for your new finish and collect the final payment.
Step 7 - Dive into your new pool!

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