Deck Re-coating & Expansion


Pool finishingNext-gen Pool Deck Recoating Services

At Leisure Craft Pools we offer you a wide variety of pool deck recoating options which makes it impossible for you not to find the one that best suits your needs. Some of the most widely recognized trends in pool deck recoating today include the below services: 

Decorative and Stamped Concrete

We bring a splendid combination of low maintenance, durability, and beauty to provide you with a perfect surface for your pool deck. The vast array of decorative options available under our stamped concrete services are not available elsewhere in the market.

Exposed Aggregate

Concrete slabs supplemented with exposed aggregate varnishes are one of the most recognizable trends in pool deck recoating today. We provide you with diverse sizes of exposed aggregates to attain unlimited texture and color variations.

Kool Deck

Once we apply this highly recommendable form of pool deck recoating it will generate a textured, colored cement surface which significantly reduces the surface temperature of the concrete while at the same time offering you the same degree of strength as the base concrete.

Expanded Pool DeckPool Deck Expansion

Pool deck expansion is a vital and often ignored component of your in-ground pool. At Leisure Craft Pools we acknowledge the need to keep the line of description between your deck and the pool itself independent and separate. This enables us to keep your pool tile as well as the surrounding concrete from cracking as a result of continued expansion and contraction. Our pool deck expansion services will make the expansion joints in your pool look good as new.

About Us

Our company was founded in 1972 with the primary goal of taking the surviving gunite and transforming them into objects rehabilitated luxury and beauty. We have built our company over the years to become a fully stable and recognized family business. We offer a wide range of in-ground swimming pool services including pool deck recoating and pool deck expansion.

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