Inground pools require regular maintenance and renovation to increase their lifespan and functionality. Our team of experts in Elma, NY can help plan, execute and finish the entire renovation project with minimal discomfort to you and your surroundings.


Pumping Out Water and Preparing the Pool   Inground Pool Renovation in Elma, NY

We begin by draining out water from your inground pool. We use electrical pumps to continuously drain out water, until your pool is completely empty. Then our team starts preparing the pool for renovation by removing any dirt and debris and securing the lights and other electrical components.

Filling Voids and Spots

Our experts identify the hollow spots of plaster and inspect the pool for other repairs. A metal paint roller is glided over the plaster, and a difference in its sound indicates hollow plaster spots, which can be filled with new plaster.

Re-tiling Surface

Old tiles are replaced with new ones. Any broken tiles are removed and replaced with new tiles. We ensure that the old tiles are removed properly so the new tile can bond firmly with the surface.

Smooth Surfacing

With the help of tile grinders, we ensure that the pool's surface is smooth and that any imperfections in the plastering are flattened evenly. This step is crucial for every pool inground renovation.

Cleaning and Filling the Pool

After all the work is done, we clear out all the equipment from the pool and finish the project by filling the pool with water up to the water line. Once the water is pumped back in, you have the final result.


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